Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top 11 of 2011

2011 was definitely not a boring year for us. We started big and ended with peace and joy. Here is a quick recap of our top 11 events
  1. Matt turned the dirty 30!! Don't worry we celebrated with a sweet 80's party and big hair.
  2. We celebrated Grandma Wanda's amazing 89 years of life. Her craziness is missed daily.
  3. I accepted a promotion with T-Mobile, and 3 days later AT&T announced they would acquire our company.
  4. We sold the majority of our furniture and things and ALL OF US moved to Seattle!!
  5. Matt turned from a graphic designer to stay at home dad.
  6. Isaac figured out potty training (beware he still struggles with aiming and focusing while peeing)
  7. Took Isaac to his first Mariners game. The best part was a parade of the field, and watched the game in a suite. We were living the good life that day.
  8. Isaac started preschool and continues to out smart us.
  9. I won $2500 smackers playing BINGO!!
  10. Matt was hired full time with the Bureau of Education and Research.
  11. We realized that we no longer had to make plans on hopes and dreams of something to pan out. It is an amazing feeling to have security in our lives.
When I began this post I assumed I would struggle coming up with eleven things, but I have at least eleven more things I could include. We had a lot of time celebrating life with friends and family. This year has been one of the most fulfilling years. I have loved all of the unknowns and ending the year with an amazing future in sight.

May your 2012 bring you the joy and fulfillment our 2011 did for us.

Happy New Year!!


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Anonymous said...

We are truly blessed to have been able to share the challenges and victories with you. This WILL be the best year yet!